Race Reports

2015 Race Reports
LeadOut Racing participates in a variety of cycling events including road, mountain, and cyclocross races.  Check out some recent race reports lifted from our Facebook group page. Join the LeadOut Racing Facebook group here to learn more about what the team is doing and to keep current with all of our events.

Cool MTB Race - March 2015 - Phil Smith

'Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him.'
It was certainly a beautiful day in Cool, CA this last weekend, and I looked forward to racing the mountain bike. I had my usual slow start, the product of having absolutely no fast twitch muscles. About half way through the first lap of three, I caught up to my category’s race leader, Expert men 40+. When I did, I decided to keep pushing and to try to get a bit of time on him. On the second lap he passed me, but I kept him on a 10 second leash. With about 12 minutes of racing left a verse from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet came into my head, ‘Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him.’ I don't know why, but I figured it meant either he, or I, or both were going to crack. So, I attacked and kept pushing to the end for the win. It was a good way to start the season, and I ended up winning enough HEED to fuel the upcoming LeadOut Team Camp. I'm also motivated to go back and read Romeo and Juliet… I just love Shakespeare…

UC Santa Cruz Slugapalooza RR E4 - Mason Marlow

I like this race. It favors a climber: a 2.6 mile circuit with one climb for about 400 ft. total ascent and one sweeping descent. E4’s did 10 laps. I thought I’d make a weekend of it and took advantage of the hospitality and generosity of my Aunt and Uncle (who live in Ben Lomond) and crashed their house for the weekend with good friends Scott and Audrey. I was sure to prime the motor Friday night with a few tasty beers since I didn’t need to race until 3:30 the following day. There were 45 riders in the field – none of which I recognized. I did, however, notice P/1/2 winner Art Rand (Herbalife - MarcPro) handing someone a bottle in my field… “look out for him,” I thought. Later I would learn that was Franky Rand, Art’s brother. I continued to survey the talent and spotted a Bear Development rider – always fast. 

The race started on the climb – fast, with Franky and the Bear Development rider pushing the pace. I surfed wheels and worked my way toward the front as riders began dropping. Laps one through five were uneventful but challenging. Each lap, I had to recover on the downhill, then sit in and survive during the climb with the hopes of eventually soft pedaling one. Lap 5 came around and attacks started coming… I held on and closed gaps as quickly as possible. By the time we hit the descent, the field had been dismantled – I was at the front of the race with 4 others. Lap 6 was a breather – we got our gap. Just as Franky and I started talking, the pace kicked up again (Bear Dev). In a lot of pain, all I remember was having to tell Franky “I couldn’t talk” and “had to make smart oxygen choices.” With two to go, a Santa Cruz collegiate racer attacked out of our 5 man break; only the Bear Development rider could follow. We kept their gap at a manageable distance, but was running out of bike race. I would help chase when I could on the descents, Franky would crush it on the climb, and our third looked tired and wasn’t much help. Last lap rolled around and we realized we wouldn’t catch – I was exhausted. With 500 yards to go, the third rider attacked hard (maybe he played possum?), only Franky could follow. I sat up and finished 5th.

Good for a few points! Big thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for putting us up for the weekend. With or without a bike race, a weekend on the coast is always a good thing. Happy I got to share it with good friends and family.

Paskenta Road Race - February 2015 - Mason Marlow

Once a year, on Super Bowl Sunday, hundreds of riders congregate at Lower Bidwell park in Chico for Paskenta road race. This race hadn’t really been on my radar as it is 100 miles and pancake flat – not exactly my strong suit. The appeal to me was, as an unsanctioned race, my being a category 4 wouldn’t have anything to do with who I do or don’t get to race. The race features a 4 mile stretch of gravel near the town of Paskenta around halfway through the race. Excited to race Paskenta for the first time, I loaded my car and rolled from home at a wee hour to make the 8 AM start from Chico…

The first 40 miles were really uneventful. Felt more like a ride than a race. Then the stronger attacks came… on the rollers maybe 10 miles out from the gravel. Quickly the field began to echelon and break in the wind. I positioned myself best I could, toward the front. Not close enough though and missed the break of maybe 10 riders as they rolled away. We arrived at the technical gravel and the pace ramped up. The infamous 4 mile stretch of gravel is deep in some spots, shallow in others, and very unpredictable at high speed. It’s tricky to find the smoothest line away from the braking bumps. At least one crash and many flats claimed riders left and right. I loved it. Friend and fellow rider Erik Nelson (Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada) and I railed it. Our chase group formed of no more than 15 riders as we kept the lead group in sight. After the gravel we got a smooth rotation going and bridged successfully. By the time we’d bridged, the race situation had evolved. 3 riders off the front: Chris HD of Herbalife/MP Strava joined by a Davis and VuMedi rider. I was excited enough to make the bridge and was in good company… Ben Jaques-Mayne as well as familiar faces Matt Chatlaong, Chuck Hutcheson, and Casey Fallon. Because our group was primarily populated with Herbalife and VuMedi riders, not many cared to chase their teammates up the road. The break rolled and Chris HD got the win. Too tired to contest a sprint for 4th, I crossed the finish with the pack for a hard earned top 20 or so.

10/10 – would do again. Thank you Rodney Cox and R.A.C.E. Surprisingly well organized event, maps at the beginning, SAG along the way, even a beer at the finish. USAC could really take some pointers. Congrats to Chris HD and the Herbalife/MP Strava team on the W. Cool video with some aerial footage... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9vYiv-1hDg&feature=youtu.be Oh and I raced Cal Aggie on Saturday. That was dumb – got crashed out on the last lap.